Trust Arai For Your Motorcycle Safety

Helmets are the most critical safety item when riding a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle is risky enterprise simply because it has a high skidding tendency because of its two wheel alignment. Most states have laws concerning helmet use although riding a motorcycle. Recent studies have shown that over sixty per cent of motorcycle deaths have happened since of flouting helmet norms. So when buying a helmet, you must go for a helmet which meets all safety standards and requirements. There are numerous great ones in the market. They must meet at least DOT specifications and it is even better if they are Snell certified. You want to select a helmet which is safe, comfortable and fits correctly. If helmets fit loosely they are likely to come off during a crash whereas tight helmets take away the concentration of the driver from the road. Maintain these things in mind when buying a helmet.

Arai was founded in 1937 by Hirotake Arai who was a professional motorcyclist. They began operating in the European marketplace from 1981. Now they are exporting to about 40 countries with a staff strebgth of 25. Some of the finest helmets are made by Arai. They are truly safe and comfy. It has won the initial place in J. D. Power rankings for 11 consecutive years. Aria has given the top helmets around like the Shark RSR and Shoei RF-1000 a strong competition.

The most recent offering from Arai is the Arai Quantum II and RX 7. They are real sturdy helmets. Arai is recognized for producing helmets for three different head shapes which are “long oval”, “round oval” and “earth” shaped. Recently they have launched a fourth shape which is referred to as “intermediate oval”. An Arai helmet is really well known for it very good airflow system. Arai helmets are genuinely well created and fashionable and are quite comfy and fit quite nicely.

However Arai helmets are quite extremely priced. Arai has also stopped selling online and are selling only by way of authorized dealers. This has resulted in low volumes but that must not be a issue for Arai given the popularity of their helmets. They also have quite dedicated and trained sales teams who can explain to the clients the distinct features of an Arai helmet genuinely thoroughly.

The heart of the Arai helmet or shell is made from resins and super-fiber developed in special combinations. The Arai team dedicates itself in continuing study to make the helmet stronger and yet lighter. Arai spends each and every day and a lot of investment into this research. Arai helmets are internally lined by hand and then they are tested at least 3 times. They offer a lot more than safety standards. Arai offers a 5 year warranty being the only firm that provides this.

Over the years wonderful motorcyclists and grand prix champions have testified that Arai helmets genuinely stand out for their design, safety and comfort. They are genuinely world class helmets created with the enthusiast in mind. So if you are looking for genuinely world class helmets with superior design and comfort then Arai is the 1 you must go for.

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