Upgrading Your Bike Seat From Stock To Aftermarket

When it comes to comfort when riding a aftermarket bike seat is a should. Motorcycle Seats are produced by a selection of manufacturers. The primary ones being Sargent, Corbin and Mustang. When selecting a motorcycle seat there are actually two factors that come in to play. 1 is certainly the look of the seat on your bike and the other is the comfort level that can be achieved by the upgrade. Most of your bike seats these days are made of a memory cell foam or some such material that is highly durable. It will really almost act like a second shock absorber. I upgraded from my stock bench to a Corbin seat and it was a night and day difference.

Corbin Seats use a material known as comfort cell foam which is built to be firm so even after hours of riding it wont sink, where your stock bench’s foam would loose firmness within 30 minutes and you would be sitting on the plastic pan that the bike seat is made from. Sargent seats are either covered with leather or a synthetic material that is made to look like leather. No matter what you ride Corbin will have a bike seat that is made to fit your bike. Practically all motor cycle manufacturers have a Corbin upgrade that will bolt proper on accessible to them. This goes for cruisers as well as sport bikes alike.

Sargent motorcycle seats also come in a variety of flavors, however their selection tends to lean a lot more towards sport bike owners then cruisers. Sargent also caters to the exotic bike owners. Seats are readily available for makers like Aprilla and Ducati. This manufacturer uses a material referred to as super cell foam in their seats which is designed to give incredible comfort even for long distance rides. Not only does this manufacturer make 1 hell of a comfortable seat the quality and looks are also part of the package making this one of the premier makers of seats in the world. Little things like synthetic material that imitates a carbon fiber look or the Italian flag being sown in to the front of the seat make this not only a comfortable bike seat but also a excellent looking upgrade that support give your bike a custom look.

Mustang motorcycle seats are mainly available for cruiser’s instead of sport bikes. Mustang manufactures quite a few a motorcycle seat that is made to look like the old school bike seats that you would see on bikes from the 60′s, 70′s & 80′s. They are wonderful if you are trying to attain and old school look for your chopper. Not only do they make the saddles they also make sissy bar pads and backrest. Mustang presently has motorcycle seats accessible for Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and Victory Cycles. Mustang seats are made with special controlled-density foam as a result assuring riding comfort even on long rides.

When you do determine on a bike seat no matter who the manufacturer is it is usually suggested that you discover out about the manufacturers warranty. Also with some seats additional hardware is required to mount it on to your bike. I believe most important of all is that you get some feedback from others that have similar seats. You can find reviews on the internet at different social internet sites that are geared towards bikers.

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