What Kind Of Motorcycle Gloves Do I Need?

When it comes to motorcycle gloves there are a lot of selections, some of these depend on your riding style and what you want to wear. I personally like full fingered gloves but a lot of guys that ride cruiser’s will not wear a glove at all or they wear half fingered gloves. These look a lot like weight training gloves where the palm and top of the fingers are covered but the ideas are exposed. The advantage to these gloves is that you don’t loose all the sensitivity where with a totally closed glove you will. Also the short fingered motorcycle gloves will keep your hands from sweating. Hatch makes a really nice pair of these gloves known as shorty gloves. Hatch makes high quality gloves so I would recommend those if you like short fingered gloves.

Short fingered gloves are a favorite of the cruiser crowd. I guess they go with the entire image and they do supply some protection in case you go down. I have seen a guys hand that had a spill with out any gloves on and the road took all the meat of the palm of his hand. Not a real nice feeling I am guessing, as a result it is essential to wear some sort of hand protection when you are out riding. If you do fall I can nearly guarantee 99 percent of the time your hands are going to touch that pavement and unless you have some leather on them your hands are asking for a serious case of road rash if youre lucky. So at a minimum a set of short fingered gloves will do the job nicely.

Full fingered gloves supply a bit much more protection then their short fingered counterparts. Most of your sport bike crowd will use a full fingered glove. Some are gauntlet style or just a typical glove. Icon makes some genuinely nice gauntlet style gloves as does AGV and Alpinestars. I personally own a pair of Alloy Alpinestars gloves which I have had for about 3 years now. These gloves are perforated and a are ideal for warm weather riding which is about 9 months out of the year where I live. I also like these gloves simply because they are basic and even when I am out on my chopper they look good where some of your much more flashy hard core sport rider gloves are a bit to flashy for a cruiser these do double duty fairly nicely. Icon also makes a set of gloves known as pursuit gloves that are a lot along these lines. Nonetheless if you want the ultimate in protection you will want to get a pair of gauntlet style road racing or track gloves. These kinds of gloves are made to truly do the greatest job when it comes to protecting you in a spill. Most of them offer some sort of knuckle protection as well as a reinforced palm, also the seams are normally reinforced in order to ensure that the glove will stay in one piece under extreme conditions.

Ultimately the choice is yours, whether to wear gloves or not period. You will discover that most bikers that have been riding for a whilst do wear some sort of hand protection. Their are numerous diverse styles of glove readily available so there is bound to be 1 that suits your needs. It doesn’t matter who makes them but I would recommend you go with a top quality manufacturer of motorcycle apparel like Alpinestars, Hatch, Icon or AGVSport. When you go with 1 of them you can be ensured that the gloves you are getting are of the finest high quality and will do the job they are created for.

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