Working as a Motorcycle Courier

A majority of motorcycle couriers collect and deliver parcels which can consist of urgent letters, confidential documents and letters that needs to be delivered in person.

The motorcycle courier can make several trips per day and are working mostly within city visitors as well as riding via wind, rain and snow.

The hours worked can be between 40 to 50 hours however, these vary depending on the firm; there are also part time work or shift work available. The pay generally depends on the miles travelled, time taken and the number of trips done, consequently the far more trips made, the much more pay there is accessible. A lot of motor cycle couriers work on a self employed basis whereby the rate of pay is negotiated between the courier and despatch business.

Some firms will provide the motorcycle courier with fluorescent jackets, a motorcycle-top box unit and a bag. It is also achievable that the firm themselves lease a motorbike or offer a motorcycle for totally free to the rider.

In order to be a motorcycle courier, the individual need to have their own motorcycle with at least 200 cc, they ought to also supply their own fuel, courier related insurance, MOT and road tax as well as their own safety clothing and helmet. As with most motorcycle riders, safety clothing is vital, riding various hours a day would be a lot more accident prone, for that reason ensuring that they wear the suitable gear.

It is important that the motorcycle courier is a safe driver with outstanding knowledge of the local streets as most deliveries are within the local region. The motorcycle courier must also be able to be as discreet as feasible when delivering parcels as well as being fit and healthy.

To become a motorcycle courier the person should have a license, there are no formal qualifications or qualifications required to become a motorcycle courier, nevertheless the minimum age is 17. There are courier training available and NVQs if the person wanted to study and train towards it. For insurance purposes, some firms would prefer individuals aged 21 or over.

The roles can be applied for on the internet or directly via a courier delivering organization. There is progression available such as becoming a depot controller or being able to start up a courier firm. These roles are generally obtainable within bigger cities rather than towns, as the number of organizations in cities are a lot far more than modest and medium sized towns.

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